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Hello world!

Phew……Finally my first blog post. ūüôā

Hello world…thanks for stopping by…..this one place i can say i own and a place where my thoughts rule.

My den would definitely include everything that passes me by…..right from the things that i hang onto to even the tiny little things that either makes my day memorable or miserable.

I try to¬†incorporate¬†stuff which i think can be of some help to someone in some way or the other….. i must also state that i don’t make sense all the time so all my post may not serve the said purpose.

The things which i say are strictly personal and are not at all¬†intended¬†to hurt anyone’s thoughts, religious beliefs or mentality. The things which i think may not be always right considering the facts and its actual logical nature…its just i have a twisted brain and my ways of interpreting things falls nowhere under the normal majority.

I genuinely believe in mutual exchange of thoughts, knowledge and information saying that i hold all my respects to¬†everyone’s¬†opinions and ¬†views.

I hope you all will enjoy reading my blogs as much as i enjoy making them.

Do post in your views through comments.


-Ravi Sadrani


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