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Virtual Reality


That word can be interpreted in many ways by different people. It’s human tendency to see things that you know are within your reach…..within your control.
But that’s not always the case.
No one can be in total control at the end of the day we all accept things along with the fact that…’yes it was out of my control’.
I use to think the same….
In fact I still do but for real world.
Things change drastically when that world becomes VIRTUAL.
The virtual world as I interpret it is a perfect example that defines total control.
A perfect creation which is possible only by a totally controlled and a systematic action.

It took me quite a while to figure that out. 2005 was the year when I started crawling the web and international networks.
As time passed by I realized and saw people actually controlling things beautifully and organizing and helping run this virtual world.
Then it all began to make sense….it wasn’t made just to connect the dots and establish a global network which would enable exchange of data and information.
It also served for a secondary purpose…which I think makes more sense and which powers the primary purpose.

A major chuck of people who are virtually strong but isn’t the same in reality. Parameters of comparison can be variable.
It’s not a fact just a common observation and I can be wrong.

VIRTUAL WORLD can be interpreted in many ways whereas there is only universal definition for it.
A warrior in battlefield in real is a top coder in virtual world. From what I have seen from past 6 years both need equal amount of aggression just the means of expressing it, the purpose of doing is different but cause is the winner.

Another way of interpreting is the depiction of a personality through a virtual global medium. Again we all know what goes on with the global sites, the individuals nobody in real do things bigger in virtual way through a SCREEN NAME.
Again misinterpretation of personality is possible but we not talking about Social networking, Virtual Love and other stuff that comes under a similar category…for me that’s just people exploiting the advantage LOL

Power is another thing which comes along if you know what you doing in the VIRTUAL WORLD.
It should also be taken into considering the people in the industry have great amount of respect for each other as well as one arriving the scene…That’s not surprising because everyone knows they are here because they have a keyboard with equal number of keys as you do.

I personally have experienced the extremes in both the world…on one hand I was bashed by a giant (God knows for what reason….may be because after looking at me he realized how ugly he was) and on the other hand I kicked the shit out of every site member who pissed me off.

Again many will argue with the above point and start will the whole ‘Power misuse’ thingy
But fellas we can have a nice little discussion on that in a different post. Don’t you worry I will be ready and launching full cylinders whenever you are ready.

The current scenario is very close to see both the worlds merging completely.  The two worlds have collided big time and nothing surprising about it…WHY I AM I NOT SURPRISED???

At the end of the day the VIRTUAL WORLD was built by real people who unfortunately are REAL.

Some people who believe more in the real world (everyone should people like me are nuts) many a times feel they are naked in the virtual world….big guys can do anything to them.
But hey let’s face it….the chances of our online account getting hacked is same as that of our chances of getting shot in broad daylight.

VIRTUAL world is a place where people can say whatever they feel like because they can….(unless what they say doesn’t piss a big bad fish off…lol)

It would be foolish to say which one is better.
For me the virtual world gave me a way of expressing my anger, frustration and discovering the dark side which every human being has.
On the other hand the real world gave me a LIFE without which nothing would have been possible.

Guys like me who live and breathe in a virtual world are totally aware about the real stuff…but it’s like we rather stay in the place we build and do shit which would help the real world in the most effective and constructive than be just another one like the 6billion others.

For the person who thinks the geeks, coders, programmers, techies, gadget freaks, designers and others who make things happen virtually are CRAZY


-Ravi Sadrani

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