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Beauty of football – Two Colors inside and a million outside

Football! What comes to your mind after hearing this word?

Yeah, the feeling is mutual. This is a game which brings millions and billions of people together.  For many, it is as good as a religion.

Football is rapidly becoming the most followed sport across the Globe. Some people call it Soccer, some call it Football, but the name hardly matters, it’s about the game. A game which is a matter of life and death for some and for some it’s even more than that. Introduction of Club football has led to a rapid increase in the fan following of different teams, players as well as coaches and managers.

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From Hungary with Love

I always believed in keeping the virtual world away from the real world.
There was a phase in my life where i was dealing with two personalities infact more than two, the only problem was that all those personalities were my own; on one hand I was having a crack at the virtual world by my screen name ‘frapper’ and of course dealing with the real world by the name of ‘Ravi’ on the other. The only word that would truly define that phase was ‘CRAZY’.
That was the time I actually felt that it was a classic case of Multiple Personality Disorder and adding to that I even convinced myself about it. But in all fairness it did make a lot of sense that time. Now when I look back I think I did pretty well handling things actually I was pretty good with the whole situation.
It’s a no brainer when I say virtual world appealed more to me considering the control and degree of order it gives to an individual.

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Fight Against Cervical Cancer

Rated as the most common cancer among Indians is certainly a dreadful disease, cervical cancer.
Fight Against Cervical Cancer is a campaign that aims to create awareness about cervical cancer amongst the Indian masses. In India 1,30,000 women are detected with Cervical Cancer.
Cervical Cancer wipes out 75,000 women every year according to WHO has raised immense anxiety among women across the world.
Cervical Cancer dragged celebrity reality show Big Brother fame Jade Goody to her deathbed.

In their recent study, women in India of age 15 years and above stand a higher risk to cervical cancer when compared to women around the globe.
Treatment to this fatal illness can be done through chemotherapy and radiotherapy like any other kind of cancer.
Another alternative is surgery, post which chances of the woman conceiving a child are close to zero.

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Festivals and Me

It’s kind of a strange combination and now if I think hard about it, it seems a bit ironic. Coming from a country like India which is known as a ‘Country of Festivals’, I often find myself in isolated situations. Festivals come in as a way of getting together, being happy and at the same time looking back at the history and cherishing it. Well that’s textbook stuff, I know.

If anyone come up to me and ask me “When did my association with festivals start??” I find it hard to answer, and if someone comes up to me and ask me now “When did my disassociation with festivals start??” I may have an answer to that.
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Blue Moon Rissing???

Today I don’t feel like going about the Manchester Derby football match review like usual. Many reasons for that.
There was a lot of hype before the game and It was undoubtedly the derby that would settle a lot of things. Manchester City started the season with a spark and brilliance. United too had a pretty good start to the season. So with the top two teams up against each other it was about the one will have a physiological advantage for the next 31 matches. Though it was still early to say but the contention was clear that the main title contenders belongs to the city of Manchester.


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