Blue Moon Rissing???

Today I don’t feel like going about the Manchester Derby football match review like usual. Many reasons for that.
There was a lot of hype before the game and It was undoubtedly the derby that would settle a lot of things. Manchester City started the season with a spark and brilliance. United too had a pretty good start to the season. So with the top two teams up against each other it was about the one will have a physiological advantage for the next 31 matches. Though it was still early to say but the contention was clear that the main title contenders belongs to the city of Manchester.


I personally was waiting for this the whole day. The squad selection by Sir Alex Ferguson again surprised me. Vidic who was much talked about couldn’t even make it to the bench. Johnny Evans was preferred over Phil Jones, I objected this selection before the match started but I never thought Evans would prove me so damn right. Ferdinand was declared fit for the derby *facepalm* Anderson-Fletcher composed United’s Center MF not much of a choice would have been the same if it was Ando-Carrick. Rooney and Welbeck  were upfront. Nani, Young, Evra and Smalling filled in the playing X1.

About ManCity they played Hart; Richards, Kompany, Lescott, Clichy; Yaya, Barry; Milner, Aguero, Silva; Balotelli.

I was expecting a tough, tight and a close game and yes i thought City could get points at OT but not 3 and definitely not like the way they did.

The first half was OK from a United point of view. We had the majority of the ball but we lacked creativity upfront.  Then there was this one moment of sloppy defending and the troubled  City player Balotelli finished one in the bottom corner. It was a quality strike, the shot wasn’t close down and it rolled past de Gea. I always thought of Balotelli as a great striker of the ball but yes he looses it sometimes well most of the times. But he’s good. And that finish proved the same.

But still I don’t think it was that damaging. At the end of half i still thought we could win this.

The second half i assumed Fergie gave some bashing and his words would force the situation to change. Well it only took 63 seconds for Johnny Evans to change the situation. And boy how he did it….

Bad defending OK it happens….wrong siding the Striker..OK it happens. But giving up on the ball even before the striker strikes it and pulling him down just to make a point “Hey I’m the Center Back” is just foolishness. FFS Evans you are wearing a United jersey and you are in front of 75,000 United fans in the “Theater of Dreams” what on earth were you thinking. Lucky for us it was outside the box…A red card for sure and a kick on the back for letting the team down. I can only imagine what SAF would have done in the dressing room after the game.

From then on United just crumbled, City’s X1 were too good for United’s X. Jones started to warm up which make me see Smalling and Ferdinand as CB’s and Fletcher as a RB. And Rooney dropping in the MF.

City used the one man advantage to the fullest. The dense was all over the place and city exploited the gaps over and over again.

Blue shirts keep on flooding it and it was about time goals would come and they did big time.

I’m not at all being biased when i say the best goal of the match was scored by United.  It was a beautiful Goal by Fletcher but the thing that disappointed me the most was the spirit of United.

Everyone except Wayne Rooney forgot who they were and where they were playing.
How many times have we seen United win it on the last minute….How well the world knows about United’s late scoring and their belief of winning till the final whistle. I would have accepted defeat in any form it would have come but like this…Giving Up? Can’t believe that the team needs to be shown Video about the club in-order to make them realize the responsibility they have. It’s not that United can’t go down or United can never loose…But go down fighting like Champions like Manchester United.

Wayne Rooney…the guy was screaming his lungs out urging the team to surge forward buckle up even after the Goal which was suppose to be a lifeline and a glimmer of hope The team never really played to win, the game was back to the way it was before the goal. It was like the goal was never scored for United.

Talking about the players…..

Rio Ferdinand  3/10
What can i say about him. I don’t think he should play for England anymore. He has lost his game and i don’t think he even minds loosing his place to Smalling or Jones not only in United but also in England. He was not OK in his previous matches and today he just showed me how much low his game can drop.

Patrice Evra  3/10
The left back in world seriously needs to get a couple of basics straight. First and foremost You are not a winger so get over it. If you think of going forward have the feet to get back in time; if you can’t do that stay back and do your job. He was all over the place.

Johnny Evans  1/10
Johnny Boy your mom would be very proud. I hope not to see Johnny Evans in the next Season, was never good enough for United have said this time and time again he’s weak, physical presence is minimal, not a great header of the ball. His RED card i think was the turning point of the match he not only brought Balotelli down but also the whole United Team down. Flop of the match without a shadow of doubt. If a manger trusts you and your ability despite knowing the odds ad puts you in a crunch game like this rewarding your manger with a red card is not a right way to go about returning the favor my friend. I wonder how many more chances he will get before United ship him out.

Chris Smalling  4.5/10
Got up and down the right wing very well and offered good support to Nani in attack, but couldn’t do the job he was sent for DEFEND. But still he was the best of the 4.

Nani – Young  4/10
Both the wingers were silent. Nothing constructive in attack. I was specially disappointed with Nani with the kind of form he was in I seriously fail to understand why on earth he wasn’t taking on players. Young was very disappointing. None of the two mange to create good crosses and make an impact.

Anderson – Fletcher 4.5/10
The central MF was always the talking point for United. we are talking about Cleverley as if he is the established MF if it would have been him it wouldn’t have happened, If he was there things would have changed. I personally think its too much to expect from Cleverley. Anderson and Fletcher were outclassed by he City’s MF. Fletcher did score a goal but the MF never looked strong enough

Danny Welbeck 6/10
I found Welbeck’s performance impressive. He was good with the ball went it deep to take the ball tried to do whatever he possibly could. But it was never enough.

David de Gea 5.5/10
The young Spaniard could have hardly done more.  The defense made him more vulnerable he did make a few good saves. He did nothing wrong but still conceded 6

Wayne Rooney 8/10
The only player who was fighting out there. Going all around the park to get the ball. The only player who acted like a true red throughout the match especially towards the last phase. RESPECT Wayne. You make United what it is.
In the MF in defense and even in attack he was excellent. But how can one man save the day.

The subs came on in a very difficult situation and the damage was already done.

I would go on to say that this was my worst day as a United fan. It was a shameful and horrible defeat at Old Trafford. It does pass the 0-5 trashing by Newcastle and Chelsea away from home. The 6-3 loss to Southampton 14 years back and the 5-1 city triumph in ’88.

“Shattered. I can’t believe it. Incredibly disappointing.There’s a lot of embarrassment in the dressing room. I’ve never lost a game 6-1 in my life”
“You cannot believe the scoreline if you look at the first 30 minutes of the game. The sending off was a killer, it was a long way after that with 10 men. It is a bad defeat. The impact will come from the embarrassment of the defeat. Without doubt there will be a response to that.”
-Sir Alex Ferguson after the match

United were the closet to be invincible and have been the closest over the last decade or so. United strives for success and will always try to be the best. From how much I know SAF he won’t go quietly into the night.
SAF’s given us more highs in 25 years than most supporters will get in 10 lifetimes.
If Manchester United do respond the way that is expected off a top club I would really hate to be an Everton fan then. Till the next week then All Manchester United fans will just need to take the jokes that inevitably come up with such beatings though they have some of their own with most of the rival clubs having performed almost as badly in the previous weeks.

I would like to pass a word of Congratulations to the “noisy neighbours”. They outplayed us by a country mile and they deserved to win today. Well done to Mancini and his men.
The message is pretty loud and clear the world is seeing the Blue moon rise…
Defeat is not when you fall down, but it’s when you refuse to get up – United may have lost but we will never be defeated.

Though a warning to all rivals:
YOU DON’T EVER COUNT OUT MANCHESTER UNITED! and City you may have won the battle but the WAR wages on….see you on 28th April 2012

-Ravi Sadrani

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  1. Hari says:

    agree to everything that is said here mate!

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