Fight Against Cervical Cancer

Rated as the most common cancer among Indians is certainly a dreadful disease, cervical cancer.
Fight Against Cervical Cancer is a campaign that aims to create awareness about cervical cancer amongst the Indian masses. In India 1,30,000 women are detected with Cervical Cancer.
Cervical Cancer wipes out 75,000 women every year according to WHO has raised immense anxiety among women across the world.
Cervical Cancer dragged celebrity reality show Big Brother fame Jade Goody to her deathbed.

In their recent study, women in India of age 15 years and above stand a higher risk to cervical cancer when compared to women around the globe.
Treatment to this fatal illness can be done through chemotherapy and radiotherapy like any other kind of cancer.
Another alternative is surgery, post which chances of the woman conceiving a child are close to zero.

A public relations firm from India, The Practice – Porter Novelli has taken this step towards their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative to spread awareness concerning cervical cancer online.

It is called FACC (Fight Against Cervical Cancer) – their online driven effort to fight the fatal disease started six months ago witnessing extensive traction in the online media.

Even social networking sites have helped FACC spread the word about fighting cervical cancer.
The FACC page on Facebook has around 3,647  likes and has become an online source of information on Cervical Cancer.

I personally relate this and would rather not share it because i tend to go offbeat a bit when i start talking about it. Yes i did loose someone due to this horrible disease. The sole reason was late detection and a few complications in the surgery. But knowing and catching the signs early, this disease can be defeated.
This is a fantastic page and i try to share it as much as i possibly can. Some good people in there who can really help spreading the information and even lending moral support to the brave survivors and providing help to the victims (confidentially).

Spread this message and inturn make masses aware about it. That’s the best and sadly the only thing we can do.
Don’t wait…..I realized what loosing is because of Cervical Cancer and I don’t want anyone to go through what I did
Because it’s there to kill. It’s upto you whether you want wake up after loosing someone or before that.

I will do my bit………Will You???

-Ravi Sadrani

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