From Hungary with Love

I always believed in keeping the virtual world away from the real world.
There was a phase in my life where i was dealing with two personalities infact more than two, the only problem was that all those personalities were my own; on one hand I was having a crack at the virtual world by my screen name ‘frapper’ and of course dealing with the real world by the name of ‘Ravi’ on the other. The only word that would truly define that phase was ‘CRAZY’.
That was the time I actually felt that it was a classic case of Multiple Personality Disorder and adding to that I even convinced myself about it. But in all fairness it did make a lot of sense that time. Now when I look back I think I did pretty well handling things actually I was pretty good with the whole situation.
It’s a no brainer when I say virtual world appealed more to me considering the control and degree of order it gives to an individual.

As time passed the personalities begin to converge leading to the decline of ‘frapper’ which was a sad sight but yes I was going somewhere and I could easily see that. And it was for good. I was still doing stuff frapper use to but it was more ‘Ravi’fied and started use my real name in the coding world and Scene. Pheww that was a relief.
But there a few things you can’t resist well in my case few means just one. This one thing unified my virtual and real world. I thought I was my only connection to both the worlds but apparently I was wrong.

Out of the blue someone came in and life was never the same. Things got simpler and it all made sense there was a raw aura about it. Something pure. The distance was the killer but it hardly made a difference.

India met Hungary or was it the other way around we’re yet to decide.

There are few things that happen in your life which redefines everything. She was one such thing for me. Someone who showed me what life really can be; someone who made me realize that the world isn’t as bad as it looks; someone who made everything easy.

Arise my ‘akhisa’

Yes this post is not about me, No not at all. It’s about someone more important than me.

It still amazes me the first time we talked. If I knew I would have surely tried to impress her a bit more.
But I think I did pretty OK.
Then things just fell in place and suddenly it was all ‘PERFECT’

In many respects it meant a lot to both of us and it wasn’t that there were no obstacles in the way; there were there still are but we overcame it and we fought it. Because we both know it’s worth it.

She loves my work even knowing the fact it keep me away from her. She is always the one who should ask for an opinion whatever maybe the case, she’ll have a say and it would be worth listening too.
She thinks she’s an idiot but SHE’S NOT. My line of work may not be her comfort zone but still she makes a lot of sense when she talks about it.
Ah crap now after reading this she will hit me back but as a matter of fact I would have told her eventually (Diplomatic way out).

She’s a great human being; I’m not saying this because I like her.
I’m not saying this because I’m scared of her (See babe I said that I’m not scared of you….they’ll never know).
I’m saying this because that’s a fact and I think anyone who knows her would agree with me (because if they don’t agree they’d all be dead).

Having said all that; I’m so dead tonight.
Babe I will work on my humor for sure (that’s the fear talking).

She is my greatest admirer, my biggest fan, my harshest critic and….ummm (I’m out of superlatives).
I have never told her that how much I admire her work (Oops I think I just did).
Her way of doing things involve extremities. She never does things 50% or 100% its always 500%. She encourages my writing no matter how shitty I write (She would disagree…). Her way of expressing is also different but yet it sums up a lot of things about her as a human being.

There are few things that blow her off apart from my bad sense of humor. Two things I like to mention here I can control one but other just depends on Sir Alex Ferguson.
1: I can take care of the people around me and make sure nothing happens (You know what I mean…For those wondering…well keep wondering)
2: I can’t make Ji-Sung Park play every United game, I just Can’t (Yes genius!!! She’s is a United fan and a Park maniac)

Am I being too nice to my girl?? Well then I better stop. Two reasons why I should stop:
1st:  It’s against my reputation
2nd: I don’t want her to get carried away(I Know she won’t but still better to play safe)

Babe, I tried not mentioning your name because I know you wouldn’t be the happiest (I feel like cracking a joke but I think I already cracked it before so I’ll pass) and if I did then I’m not going to search for it and edit this (hwwww that was rude from my side….its 5.56am babe what else you expect I’m done being nice LOL)

Having said all that just know one thing……..You know what I will say 😀

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