God, the Programmer??

Before I start this post I just want to make it clear that I’m an atheist but having said that the concept of GOD always excited me. I always found ‘GOD’ intriguing. Today while I was talking to my chemistry professor about Computer simulations and its relevance physically a weird thought hit me and we managed to have a nice little talk about it.
We all know about Computer simulations, we all have seen and experienced it and I have managed to design a few. But there are always comparisons with the real and virtual worlds.
Let’s go a step ahead….

How about comparing a computer simulation with the existing universe and try to find an answer for the question who’s the creator??

Long stretch?? Not Really. The computer is capable of creating environments which we call simulations and the computers are getting faster and faster in terms of processing they have already exceeded the human brain and within two decades the speed of the super computers will be about 500 times of the human brain. So in a few years we will be able to generate simulations with things inside it being very very close to what we see in real. So, the environments created are composed of moving frames (ie. images) and they are made up of pixels. There is one way to see if you are watching a computer simulation ‘just keep zooming in’. Similarly if we try to zoom inside the universe we see just pixels. Yes, matter is made up of pixels million times smaller than an atom.
Arise, Quantum Mechanics.

Look at the way Universe behaves its quantized it’s made of pixels.
Space is quantized, Time is quantized and Energy is quantized. Everything is made up of individual pixels which just mean universe has finite number of components which means it has finite number of states which means it’s COMPUTABLE.

Now the questions arises are there any signs if the universe is actually being COMPUTED??

Yes, there are but here I will take up the simplest example (because spitting out big equations and big words I don’t think is ideal here). Just for the record this experiment is about 100 year old but it helps bringing out the point I am trying to make here.

Here we take an electron beam and try to incident it on a Graphite crystal a pattern is generated on the screen which gives us an idea about where atoms really are in that crystal.

But if we scale everything up a billion times there would be no pattern generated on the screen in other words it would all be random.

Now the question arises why isn’t the pattern in a scaled down subatomic world RANDOM?? How come the pattern on the screen reflects the exact nature of the atoms??

It’s like the electron knew where the atoms are and they somehow form the respective diffraction pattern. This is rather extraordinary. What this shows us is that Matter even though it behaves like individual particles when you are looking at it (or while measuring it) and when you are not looking at it the matter just diffuses. It spreads out and it doesn’t have the finite form in universe.

This is the basic rule of quantum mechanics.
When we look at them they are just dots and when we don’t they lose their form. A different way of looking at that is by asking how parallel this behavior is from what is see in my PlayStation or any other Simulation?
SimCity for example. It’s an enormous city and I can navigate my way anywhere through it. That simulation gives me the frame whenever and wherever I need. When I look at XYZ place it creates that frame for me. Oddly enough the universe behaves that way, in reality the universe gives you what you looking at when you are looking at it. When you are not looking at it, it may not necessarily be there. (Don’t be a smartass by looking back and saying that the wall was there even when I didn’t look at it)

Our world is pixelated and only assumes definite form when observed the very same way our computer simulations behave. There might be a slim possibility that we all live in a SIMULATION. This would just mean that there is a quantified possibility that there is GOD, obviously there has to be someone running this simulation THE MASTER PROGRAMMER with his insanely godlike computer.

The question is How likely is something like that to happen?? How likely is it that something like has has already happened in our universe??

OK, let’s step back from that a little bit and say, ‘Well the Universe is 13.7 Billion years old and here I am 50 years from basically being able to manufacture God. What’s the probability that I would be so close to that threshold and not be across the other side? It’s one chance in 300 million that I would be that close. It’s an extraordinary coincidence.

And, perhaps, more likely than not, maybe we are a simulation on the other side of that threshold and the deities that exist are our future selves. Our world bears all the hallmarks of one that is simulated. And Rich’s logic continues.

Who would be more likely to simulate humans than humans from the future? Our descendants. God-like beings with the power to create their own universes.

It’s a very radical idea. One can ask, “What are you really saying?” Are you saying the world was a simulation and we’re just entities in some PlayStation 12 game, or something like that.
I’m not saying that, I actually think this is a wonderful phenomenon.

It shows that somewhere along the line we have evolved from nothing into self-awareness. And that self-awareness has reached the stage now where we, our future selves have become Gods.

We start out with something that looks complex and we look at it in parts it’s simpler. Now, if you imagine some sort of Creator, that assumes that there’s more complicated than the thing that got created. So to me that’s a step backwards in explaining a philosophically satisfying model.

There are always cracks left by Science. This means there will always be room for faith.
The human instinct that drives our scientific curiosity won’t stop us from searching for answers.

– Ravi Sadrani

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