My Quest – Introduction

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive”.
– Albert Einstein

I think mind is the most powerful asset a human being can ever have. It took me quite some time to figure that out. Initially everything for me was not worth bothering and I kind of accepted the things as they were without questioning. In my defense I was just another kid who didn’t knew what was going around him but life was moving ahead pretty smoothly I must say. Now if I look back I wonder how I made it through.

It was in my eight grade that I failed for the first time in my life not that I use to come first and suddenly the unthinkable happened. But yes it was something I never experienced but little did I know that the best thing that could ever happen to me was waiting after that. I got the two best teachers and I was never the same after that. I started to make sense and began asking questions and more than that trying to find answers for that. But still I didn’t realize the importance and actual significance of the questions which I was bold enough to ask myself.

I never dealt with the questions in the best way possible, I always use to keep it upto me and try to make it as my quest and I considered that if I have a question I should be the one looking for the answers rather than hoping the someone someday would come to me with all the answers. But my thinking was way too raw and the questions really were big ones.

Why am I here??
What is the reason for my existence??
Why are things as they are??
How did it all began??

As I tried finding the answers, the set of questions kept on increasing and I found that so challenging and I liked the physiological thrill. Then when I looked at those questions in the true sense of the word I realized they aren’t easy questions to answer and the generalization of my doubts were UNIVERSAL. There are people all around the planet with beautiful minds trying to figure of the answers which I was striving for, that was the moment I realized I’m not alone in this.

By the time I realize I’m going a bit too far with my questions I was already engulfed in theories, astrophysics and the mysteries of the universe and I must confess that was a place worth being in. I started reading stuff I wasn’t suppose to, things were just flowing into my mind and the knowledge within me was getting well organized because I was handling my passion and my normal academics impressively. Took Science in Junior College (FYI the subject I failed in was Science so that was little my way of making a point to myself) thought of doing my masters in Physics but opted for Engineering considering my simultaneous growing interest in Electron Mechanics, After realizing the fact that the biggest things in universe works just like the smallest things you can ever imagine.

I would definitely agree with the fact that the things I’m trying to understand are bigger than me and my imagination but I have an advantage. Some of the most beautiful human minds have asked the same questions and have devoted their life to figure out the answers, I always look up to their works and get influenced and inspired to a great extent. Sometimes impatience grips me but then you can’t know things relative to time.

One day I think, ‘Hey I’m just 20’ the very next day I think, ‘Oh Crap I’m 20 already do I have enough time to understand’ Strange paradox just like the information one (Sorry for the metaphor couldn’t help it)

I’m planning to write a series of blogs under this category ‘My Quest’.
It would basically involve me trying to analyze some of astrophysics, cosmological stuff and mysteries revolving around the universe. For First time I will be writing down my thoughts and views regarding the things which excited me the most and which sadly falls within my questions which are yet to be answered. When I started to know things I always found it better and easily understandable when it is expressed with simplicity, so I will try to avoid use big equations and big mathematical expression and alien scientific terms inorder to make it more universal so that everyone can have their say because this is a thing which I think everyone deserves to know.

Thank You all in advance for being a part of my quest. Hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it: D

–  Ravi Sadrani

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8 thoughts on “My Quest – Introduction

  1. nicky says:


    Liked your post especially words you used.Mysteries revolving around universe sounds interesting.Recently i read few parts of the elegant universe(based upon super-string theory) i was amazed by it .I am not frm scientific background its hard to understand the terminologies

    keep posting

    • Ravi Sadrani says:

      Hey thanks…Will definitely write about the String theory…It’s pretty tricky considering the fact that there are 11 dimensions considered in that theory but will try my best to simplify it 🙂
      Ravi Sadrani

  2. Abu says:

    The minute you stop asking questions… you’re a dead man!! But, the questions are same all across and all of us are trying to decipher them…
    Looking forward to your posts…
    PS: It was “Marathi” for me – first and only time in my schooling – and yes in 8th standard 🙂

  3. alka narula says:

    quite an intresting post,these questions have crossed my mind to..specially why did the big bang happen?cos of the gases right??where did the gases come from??what if there were no gases??there wouldn have been a universe then what??y does the univers d gases exist in the first place??are there parellel universes??etc etc etc etc,,,look forward to ur upcoming posts:)

    • Ravi Sadrani says:

      Etc Etc just sums up the Human Ignorance….People think science has exceeded imagination yet we are still baffled by the basic questions that could possibly justify the existence of Human race.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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