The Year That Was – 2011

This is the time when we all look back and say “Whewww…….2011”
As i try to see how things went in 2011 for me….There is no definite answer whether it was good or bad. Just a bunch of mixed feelings i bet it would be the same for most of us. The second half of the year was filled with events that decided the rest of my life personally and professionally. No, that’s not an overstatement.

After 2 years of freelancing and working online along with my engineering i found myself placed in a company which goes by the name of ‘Accenture’ all thanks to campus recruitment. It was kinda weird for me…
Formals,Interviews, Rounds, etc it all looked so normal which i thought was out of my league simple reason being i did most of my work online; got my first job as a freelancer without any interview or any formality when i was 17, but you need to draw a line between the real and the virtual and i did that this year. I always worked because i loved it, never thought about taking it as a profession because money wasn’t the issue it was flowing in pretty easy but when you think of making a living out of it; things change and so does your physiological approach.

Highlighting good moments of 2011….

1. India winning the World Cup was a very good moment not only for me but for billion others definitely in the TOP 10 moments of the year for me.

2. Attending a series of lectures by Leonard Susskind understanding the M-theory.

3. Being a part of Google+ Beta reviewing team.

4. 2011 saw me making the 15th commercial Website of my life.

5. Long freelancing projects with and Great experience !!!!

6. Smoothest academic spell with Semester 7

7. Me stating the series ‘My Quest’ — it was a thing i wanted to do for a very long time.

8. Partial success in making a computer simulation – The Uni’phrase’ depicting the temperature variations in the expanding universe.

9. *marked as private*

10. *marked as private again* 😛

Highlighting not so good moments of 2011…..

1. Loosing my mentor as he lost his battle to Cancer. Thank you for everything SIR R.I.P !!!!

2. Seeing Manchester United lose to City (1-6) then to Crystal palace and then to FC Basel….

3. Being not able to see Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th Ton 😥

4. Me screwing up my relationship !!!!

5. Witnessing my IQ dip from 129 to 124 it was a horrible sight. :/

6. Disastrous 3 days without my PC when i screwed up the OS code by fiddling around just to make a point. Duh!!!!

7, 8, 9, and 10. *too embarrassing to state*

All what i did was because according to me it was the right thing (atleast that moment it seemed like the right thing) to do. In another life(i’m assuming it exists) i would have possibly done the exact same things. For all those around me(in real and in virtual world) i thank you all for bearing with me unfortunately you’ll have me for atleast 40-50 years more. For those hidden in the shadows (Maci, Piggy, Dog, SIR, Morph, Dishi and NV) i would have never made it without you guys.

2011 has it share of awesome and WTF moments that’s pretty much necessary for every year. I hope 2012 would be a fantastic year for all of you. I wish you all the best and hope you will continue the good and eliminate the bad and try to make this world a better place to live in for the people around you and even for yourself.

Enjoy and have a safe 31st.
Don’t drink and drive as Mumbai police will act like NYPD tonight….

Happy New Year !!!! 😀

With this I end my last post of 2011…and if world is still around(which i think it will be) after December 21, 2012 you will see a similar post for 2013 too….

– Ravi Sadrani

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4 thoughts on “The Year That Was – 2011

  1. Fazekas Zsuzsanna says:

    Happy New Year. / Boldog Új Évet.

  2. swati says:

    happy new year..

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