Smile for the world

“My Unique quality is that I smile and laugh all the time”

This statement made me turn my head to see who this girl is. Initially I found this to be ‘lame’. But as a couple of days passed by I realized that there was a lot more into it and her quality was indeed unique……

Have seen a lot of movies with all smiling and full of life characters and even manage to see a few partially having it in real and I thought this was as close as I could get, but I was wrong. I personally am pretty far away from being a full of life character. The world that we live in now is getting materialistic and the basic human values are slowly getting low there are many reasons for that which mostly are psycho-social in nature. But somehow out of nowhere some people with chunk of life come in front of you and you feel inferior. Two years back while I was working for an NGO I encountered a lively character who thought me the importance of saying ‘Thank You’ and to this date even for a smallest thing I keep saying it to others. Towards the beginning my argument to the saying Thank You thingy was, “There even might be situations where you don’t need to show any sort of gesture or appreciation” to that he calmly asked, “What’s the harm?” That was that…..

“My motive is to make everyone smile. That’s it”

Now I find myself in front of another lively character who thinks her aim is to make everyone smile and in short make them happy even for a moment. That makes me think ‘Isn’t the world around us happy enough?” Answer obviously is “NO, it isn’t”. You don’t need big things to be happy even tiny bits of little things which might not be of any importance from a logical or a sensible point of view but yet is good enough to make that moment a good if not a happy moment. I travel from a bus numbered 209 almost every day to college and have been doing that for almost 4 years now, there are people there who I just know and all we share is a smile. I have no idea why the man – 70 year young smiles at me every time he gets into the bus and even strangely I smile at him back again I have no idea WHY. Every time the young man’s stop comes I peek out to see if he’s there or not again I have no idea WHY. But the moment I see him getting into the bus there is this one good moment for me (hopefully it’s the same for him too.)

It’s the similar thing the Mumbaikars face during their train journey, no one knows the name of the person standing next to him but yet as days passes by and a moment is there waiting to happen.(If you punctual enough to catch the same train all the time :P)

Everyone is capable to connect and share all you need is someone to initiate; the world need not worry there are characters and some great human beings who are capable enough to start an epidemic spreading happiness all over the globe but sometimes even they need a boost and if they see someone else carrying the torch along with them they’ll know they aren’t alone. If we can’t lit the torch atleast we can pass it forward.

I am lucky enough to meet so many people who try and believe that they can make the world a better place to live in. The ever smiling full of life girl is my latest addition to that list. She makes me smile I don’t know how and somehow she blames me for making her smile. There is one more who thinks I’m the most important person for her; again I think I’m lucky enough to have her if I know her well she would be silently reading this.

There are hands reaching out for you; all you need is to step up and hold it. I didn’t light the torch but I can proudly say that I’m carrying one…..

Where is the Love???

– Ravi Sadrani

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9 thoughts on “Smile for the world

  1. vibhuti says:

    nycc 1………….

  2. swati says:

    keep smiling!!!!!!!

  3. kinjal says:

    yup, really true. 🙂 Smile can let u travel miles.. nice one.

  4. jojopant says:

    Beautiful post. Always smile!

  5. Ashwini says:

    This is beautiful!!!!!

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