It’s Not Just A Game

What is a game?
Is it a competition involving a set of rules? or Is it a form of expression?

An individual be it any kind of person needs something to hang onto. Something which challenges him every time and shows him that there is always something bigger than him. This is where a GAME begins…..
Many say LIFE is a game, well you can’t have anything more challenging than that. Can You?

When I think of a GAME or a SPORT there are a lot things that comes to my mind. It is a great form of expression. Be it a team sport or an individual sport there is always a room for a player’s personality to surface and his way expressing through the game can give the world a glimpse his/her true nature as a human being.

Why SPORTS were invented or created for the matter of fact? The answer is simple ENTERTAINMENT but as time passed people started to relate themselves with the sport they love and it was the same for the players who played the game. It slowly started to become personal and now we have reached a position where its not a matter of life and death, It’s even more than that.

We see a Tennis player rocketing a 200 kmph forehand winner, We see a footballer scoring from 45yards, We see a bowler going 140 kmph+ consistently, We see a athlete running 100 m in 9.58sec. The World records are ridiculous even for human imagination. We are testing the human limits through the sports we know. The technology or the sophistication which is present in the modern sporting era cannot be the only reason for this, the players and their approach to the game on a psychological level is unmatchable IMO that holds the key and nothing else.

The world witness greatness of many players who are huge personalities in their own way and I’m sure the world will keep witnessing it in some other form through another great player. We have people who devote their life to a sport we call them LEGENDS, TRUE GENIUSES or MASTERS OF A SPORT. There are few moments that stand out for me as a sport enthusiast, those moments are immortal and tell you everything about the player. All you need is just one moment or one stroke of genius that can make you great from good. That is the moment you will be remembered for the most. The moment when you did something no one on the planet could think of. I am not great enough to capture that moment who I’m lucky enough to witness great players from different fields do what they do best.

A few moments which according me are the great sporting moments……

1.  Lou Gehrig’s “Luckiest Man” Farewell Speech

In a moment forever held in time for every figure in sports history to heed, a dying man stood before over 60,000 people and the world to impart the genuine feeling that he was “the luckiest man in the world” for having the opportunity to endeavor through the love of his craft. Lou Gehrig, the Iron Horse, who had not missed a game his entire 13-plus year career (spanning a mind-bending 2,130 consecutive games) lowered his head and became the symbol of what sports, and maybe all of life is about; accepting your destiny, giving it your all, and enjoying every moment, good or ill.

2. Cassius Clay defeating heavyweight champion, Sonny Liston.

One of the greatest boxing upsets of all time occurred on February 25,    1964, when a young, 22-year old Olympic champion, underdog Cassius  Clay defeated the seemingly indestructible heavyweight champion, Sonny Liston.
The highly anticipated match took place in Miami Beach, Florida. Clay, who later became known to the world as Muhammad Ali, went on to become the first fighter to capture the heavyweight title three times.  After his knock-out of Liston, Clay announced to the world,
“I am the greatest.”
Well said Clay, because you certainly were.

3. Jesse Owens saying NO to Hitler

Jesse Owens, was an African-American track and field star, who became an American icon for his performance at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.
Before the eyes of the Nazi leadership, and in front of the Third Reich, who had hoped to use the games as a source of propaganda for Aryan nationalism, Owens would claim four gold medals and set records that lasted for more than two decades.
Entering these games, Adolf Hitler had high hopes the German athletes would dominate the games.
However, with victories in the 100 meters in an Olympic-record time of 10.3 seconds, the long jump, the 200 meters, and the 4 x 100-meter relay that would set a world record at 39.8 seconds, it was Owens who became the star of the Olympics.


4. 1980 USA Hockey Team Defeats Soviet

Rag tag bunch of mostly teenaged amateurs, barely together a few months and playing a sport invented and perfected elsewhere, take on the most polished, professional and unbeatable team in the history of international hockey, and win it. In exhibitions that year, Soviet club teams had gone 5–3–1 against National Hockey League teams, and a year earlier the Soviet national team had defeated the NHL All-Stars 6–0 to win the Challenge Cup. The Soviet and American teams were natural rivals due to the decades-old Cold War. In the final seconds of the game the crowd began to count down the seconds left. Sportscaster Al Michaels, who was calling the game on ABC along with former Montreal Canadians goalie Ken Dryden, picked up on the countdown in his broadcast, and delivered his famous call
“…Eleven seconds, you’ve got ten seconds, the countdown going on right now! Morrow, up to Silk…five seconds left in the game…Do you believe in miracles? Yes!”  [Video]

5. Usain Bolt Clocking 9.69 sec and then 9.58sec

I witnessed this moment as it happened. World record breaking moment see the player striving for it even for that fraction of a second. When its a 100m its a race against time but that wasn’t the case with Usain Bolt. I haven’t see any world record broken with such ease. And I mean that. The fastest human being on the planet is looking behind and sideways, spreading his arms wide about 20m before the finish line. This is incredible confidence. He knows no one is close to him and he’s going to win the race hands down but he wants to see that; he wants to see the clock while he runs. This is as confident as anyone can get. USAIN BOLT truly gave his great moment in the Beijing Olympics 2008. He eventually broke his own record now he stands on 9.58sec. [Video]

6. Ayrton Senna winning the Brazilian GP 1991

The first time I looked at this picture I really didn’t understand it. The things which you could see are pain, relief, achievement and satisfaction. But couldn’t help wondering what events led to this beautiful moment. Ayrton being a Brazilian had never won the Brazilian GP. He was leading from the start but towards the end of the race his car suffered from a technical malfunction and he couldn’t change his gear and he drove the last few laps on the 6th gear. Tight corners and tuns and Senna managed to be on track constantly driving on the 6th gear. He some how finished the race first. His seatbelts were fasten tight as shit (he always did that), and in the minute he reached for the flag at the end of the race – blood pressure release made his arm to be “dead” for a little while. Also, driving a formula one stucked at highest gear at low speed corners IS painful, because he had to operate the steering wheel even more. He had a tough time even standing up forget about going to the podium and collecting the trophy. You can see the stewards round the track celebrating their home boy’s feat in front of them. It was a great great moment. Now whenever i look at his image i know exactly why it is the way it is. For me its the Formula 1’s greatest moment by the greatest F1 driver ever after the greatest race ever. R.I.P Senna 😦

7. Manchester United wining the European Cup in 1968

10 years on from the disaster of Munich which shocked the world and almost send the Manchester United Football club to the end were in a European Cup final. The dream which no one in England dared to dream, the dream that led to tragic losses but now that dream was risen from the ashes. The survivors(Sir Matt Busby and Sir Bobby Charlton) lead the team to Wembley to face the kings of Europe the mighty Benfica. It was destined. United couldn’t loose, they won 4-1 and the dream was now a reality. A feat which everyone thought was impossible was achieved owing to the never dying spirit of the United football club, their relentless manager Sir Matt Busby and Jimmy Murphy who kept the club’s fire and desire alive. Great Moment for a great club which suffered great looses to achieve their dream and achieve the ultimate European Supremacy. To this day the dream lives…..

8. Gazza in tears

This moment for me says everything about Football and how important it is for players as well as fans. After getting a yellow card for a tackle England’s Midfielder Paul Gascoigne was in tears knowing the fact that if his team qualified for the world cup’s final he wont be able to feature in it. This moment just captured the world and everyone knew what football meant to England and Gazza.


“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.”
– Bill Shankly

9. Sachin Tendulkar with the WORLD CUP

“Cricket is my religion and Sachin Tendulkar is my GOD”. I can have a billion people to support me in what I just said. 2011 finally was the year when the world saw the greatest batsman ever to hold the greatest trophy ever. For me it was great sporting moment. For a player to dedicate his life to Cricket and to do that with with respect is a great thing. Legend is not a apt word for the master blaster. But i think God is close enough…..

10. *the world hasn’t witnessed it yet*

May be the world’s greatest sporting moment is no where close to anything what we have seen till date………

Sport is something which now is stretching human limits and human race is more than willing to go beyond the limits set by their imagination, estimation and even their physicality. It would be a hard task to imagine the nature of sports 10 years down the line…..

What we call impossible now can be very much a achievable feat in the near future and this is possible only when a game is not played like a game. It’s possible when the game becomes more important than our lives……


– Ravi Sadrani

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2 thoughts on “It’s Not Just A Game

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Great post…I can tell that you’re a soccer fan with all the great soccer moments on your list!

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