From Hungary With Love – Part II

“Some people make the world a better place just by being in it.”

If I have to introduce myself, the only thing I can say is that I’m a friend of Ravi from Hungary, Europe. A friend and the biggest fan of his blog. I won’t start to explain how I found this masterpiece, what matters is that I’m here, and Rav was kind enough to let me write a little post here. It was not too much work from my part to assure him in giving me a little place. He was very gracious, selfless. He allowed me to write here.

Write about Ravi Sadrani, about his wonders, his India, his blog, things what I have learned from him and about that invisible thread between us. So, readers of this blog, I know it is an extraordinary post, not by him. Hopefully you’ll love reading it as much as I loved writing it. Please read this post as much as I loved to write it.

Well, everything has started at the 14th of July, 2011.

That was the holy day when he came into my life suddenly.  You know the feeling, maybe you felt similar before, when somebody just come into your life, and at the beginning you already feel something important is going to happen. Something marvelous, something incredible. You just saw somebody, and deep in your soul you feel something warm, and that feeling captures you completely and stays on your mind forever.

It was an average and pretty boring day here, in Hungary. Most of you maybe don’t know where my country is. It’s in the middle of Europe if you want to know. But that sleepy day became a blessed day.  That day India met with Hungary.

First of all when I saw him for the first time, I thought ‘Who is that guy, with his specs and his green T-shirt?’ I was so eager to know more about him. Not because he is handsome. At the very first moment I felt I have found something special. I felt, deep down in my soul. As we started to talk, every day, for hours, I noticed, he took me to an unknown place – a place where I have never ever been before.

That place was India.

Incredible India – The Land of Wonders, Miracles, Diversity, Traditions and to me it sounded very mysterious.

I must tell you our educational system is very special. Already at primary school we used to learn a lot about foreign countries and their history and geology. I know more about climate of Alaska than our highest peak. So, what I’m trying to say, I learned a lot about India. And watched Slumdog Millionaire, and I know who is A. R Rahman and Sachin Tendulkar, so that made me think, I’m an Indian-expert. : )

And then Rav came, and proved me wrong. And what I knew was not always right.  India is a different place from what media shows. It took a lot of time until I realized, I have to restart learning about that country. We just spent hours with talking about his India. Politics, Study, Welfare, Movies, Clothing and Foods.

It started so simply.  Once he asked me to wait until he had his dine. He spends a lot of time with this action, eating all the time. And a simple question came. What kind of food you eat? And he started:  Rava Dosa, Papad, Roti, Chutney etc. all what he likes and dislikes, and so on. And it made me to Google it, and started to read. In my imagination I’m a very good Indian cook. I like to cook, it is one of my hobbies and it was interesting to see how different is from Hungarian cuisine.

So, it started with a simple question and an answer.

What was the result? I was so opened for their cuisine that I spent so much time with reading about it, and I said: It is very interesting, and I wanted to know more and more.

Same was the case with the Politics, Education, Customs, Clothes or even Bollywood movies.

He told me something, and I started to read. He never forced me to do that. He was very patient, and he was always here to answer all my questions. And I just kept asking him all the time. Sent me links show me videos about music or public transport. And questions came…thousands of questions were in my mind…How? Why? Where? When? And he spent his precious time with me to answer all the questions.

I beg to remark that Rav is a good fighter. Every day he had to fight with my bad English. I have problems with this language. In fact only problems I have. And remember when he started to write to me at the beginning, he was full of brb, lol, ttyl, gtg, btw, stfu, wtf sometimes and I thought, ‘OMG I’m the dumbest woman in the earth’.

It was not enough, even he started to speak about his work, about software engineering he even showed me his works, spoke about so called MATLAB but it was all cloudy for me, and Java, and HTML, and web design, and codes and all, and at the end of the day I felt I’m free from laughing academy.

So, guys maybe those stuffs are well-known for you. But I’m just a simple girl, a social worker, and I had no idea about those stuffs. I still use my left hand and a sheet of paper if I want to write something, and not my pc. But I always watched him, listened him, asked him, made him to show his works, and one day I noticed those stuffs are not so bad, and not strange for me anymore. Even if it was out of my comfort zone.

I clearly remember my birthday. When first he asked what the date of my birth is, I told 5th of September. He said, ‘Did you know that 5th of September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India? And this day is the birthday of a teacher Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan?’

I told him to stop, because I barely could read that long and strange name, I asked a little time until I catch it. Of course I started to find everything about him. I remember when I tried to spelling his name, write down, and find the easiest way to pronounce. I know about Diwali and Republic Day from him. I remember how excited I was about Diwali. It is so wonderful and amazing festival to my eyes.

He just mentioned while we talked, “Hey, you know here is Diwali? Have you ever heard it before? No? Wait, I show you something”

And it started again…a sleepless night for both, with questions and answers. And now, if I’m watching news and hear the name of India, well it has different meanings for me. I always feel something warm in my heart if I am reading or watching something about that incredible country.

He made me like this country.

Rav is not just a friend, he’s more than that. Sometimes I feel even he doesn’t know what he mean to me. My world would be so poor without him.

He is a genius, an excellent author.  I was the first who called him as an author, a very clever engineer, and a special word will come: a smart code-man, for those wondering well keep wondering. A sport expert, a true Manchester United supporter, a crazy Iron Maiden fan, and here is the time to stop, I ran out of words. In fact I didn’t, but I don’t want to praise him more because he doesn’t like praises that much.

If I had only one word to say what he is for me, I would say: He is EVERYTHING.

And he made another wonder with me. I’ll tell you how.

Once, I was such great football fan since the World Championship in 1998. But Around 2005 I stopped watching football. I don’t know why.

Ravi was that man, who brought it back to my life. I have never ever seen such great football supporter like him. He not just made me watch it again. The Premier League mostly, but he taught me a lot of things about football. He showed me the beauty and the hard side of that game. He once just said, ‘I wrote something you want to see?”

I started to read his posts about football, translated them into Hungarian, and I learned a lot, and slowly, Manchester United captured me. I became a hug fan, not as big as him, and I watched all the matches on TV, reading the articles, and Rav’s posts. And I always criticized him if I couldn’t read about my favorite player, Ji-Sung Park. I remember, one day, I told him; I would like to read about racism in football. I just wanted to know his opinion. After a couple of hours he made this post: ‘Beauty of football: Two colors inside and a million outside’. That was one of his best posts what I’ve ever read.

To tell the truth, all of his posts are best for me. (Rav, forgive me for saying this). I almost forgot the feeling what football gave to me. The joy, the happiness, the ecstasy. Rav, I’m so grateful to brought it back. Thank you!

He changed my life. And because of him I believed this world is not so bad.  I have found a Koh-I-Noor. I have found Him. If you are search enough you can find so many Koh-I-Noors all over the world. Seek it! Try to find it, bend down, pick it up, and see how bright it is! And what about your Koh-I-Noor? Have you found yours? Mine is so bright. Is your bright enough?

He brought India so close to me and he even did not recognized what is he doing. He just wrote, talked with me, they appear as so simple things…but deep inside, it’s not simple at all.

India! Be proud of this man! He has done a lot for his country. He is still so young and knows almost everything…a beautiful future is waiting for him. India! Appreciate him!

At the end of my post you will find a song. As a social worker, it means a lot to me. The name of the band is: Playing for Change.

After you watch stop for a while and think. Could you see their faces? Different faces, countries, nations, different destiny, different way of living, color of skin. Are we really different? What can you see? I just can see beauty faces. I just can see humans.

It proves that the language, the nationality cannot be a balk. Be open to the world around you. Try to see the good things, like if you see a flower in your garden, a growing tree next to the pavement, see the rain as falling from the sky, or get a sight of a person who is passing you by.

It is life. And you have only one life. Be opened, friendly, good-hearted, kind, and you will see there is some good in this world. There are good people in this world. You just have to find them.

No matter who you are or where you come from, whether you are Indian or Hungarian, fat or slim, blonde or dark-haired, man or woman. You have the power to turn the wheel of fortune, to make this world a better place.

If you see a hand, what is trying to reach yours, don’t go away. Stop for a while, and ask him/her: May I help you to stand up?

If you meet somebody, with a stranger maybe, be open, and let him/her to come closer to you, let him/her to know you better. Because you never know who is that stranger. Maybe you will find a treasure if you are opened enough. As I have found one.

And that stranger will open new dimensions, show a totally new life; make you change your thinking about world.

And meanwhile you can do the same. You can also share what you know, your experiences, your point of views, you can introduce your country, and together you can discover new things.

Rav knows a lot about my country. Even some Hungarian words also. We did it together. And we had such great time…arguments? Of course we had…but a new day came, a new topic came, and we were always ready for sharing our thoughts again.  I remember the day when I showed him the Tagore Road in Hungary. He is a well-known person in my country and we hold him in respect. That is why we keep his memory with that road in the City of Balatonföldvár.

We live in a cruel world. All of us. As a social worker I can see things, what most of you will never see. I’m carrying others burden on my shoulder. But with Rav, this life is not so bad. And even my burdens are easier to carry on.

Rav will always remain an important part of my life. And I will never forget the things what he gave me, showed me, and taught me.

Rav, Thank you for everything.

-Zsuzsanna Fazekas-

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5 thoughts on “From Hungary With Love – Part II

  1. Fazekas Józsefné Pléli Zsuzsanna says:

    Ezt a lányom írta. Nagyon büszke vagyok rá.

  2. swati says:

    Ravi Sadrani you simply rock!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    Dear Swati! Don’t introduce Rav to me. He is the man I love. : )

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