Are Atheists really atheists?

I never believed in GOD or any supernatural being and have always been vocal about it. My belief of not believing in GOD has caused many awkward and isolated moments for me most of them being social. I have been on the receiving end of a lot of stuff which came out of people’s religious belief; I was even attacked once by a bunch of lunatics who couldn’t tolerate my very existence. Right from my family to my neighborhood I was always supposed to be a believer. Unfortunately for the people around me that didn’t happen. To make things worse as I started to grow some gray matter I got into Death/Black metal which created an illusion in the minds of my family that I have been captured by daemons or something. (Not literally just emphasizing). The long hair, the piercings etc. etc. were the classic signs for an Indian society to be convinced with the notion that ‘This Kid has lost it’.

I was neither different nor was a wrong person at the wrong place. I never had a problem with people’s beliefs. Everyone needs something to hang onto, something to believe. But the belief may or may not be same. Many people who share the same or similar view on GOD as I do are for most of times at the receiving end of lot of things which are driven by many different religious conventions. There are a lot of things atheists are accused of. Well, obviously there are always sensible believers but they are few in number. I was once told ‘I don’t deserve to live’ and I was going 60 WTFs per minute.  I fail to understand the hate some people tend to have for the atheists. Maybe they have their reasons to do that. Maybe they have a reason to curse us, maybe they are right, maybe we will rot in hell. But atheists do BELIEVE. That may not be GOD but it is definitely something which is much more important for them and holds a vital place in their lives. It may not be a religion; it may not be a sacred deity but it’s something which they believe religiously(Bad metaphor eh?).

The notion that atheists don’t believe in things and they are against nature is mere crap. Infact the world has seen many horrible things being done in the name of GOD or religion. If that’s how you go to heaven and I proudly go to hell. The second thing is the HATE. Being a part of the atheist community I know not a single human being who hates the people who believe in GOD. But it’s not the other way around. Not even close.

People ask me “Why you don’t believe in GOD? What’s the basis of your belief?”

Why should there be a justification for my belief or anyone’s belief for that matter. No is asking why you believe in GOD. It’s your belief if you can spend your life hanging onto that belief that’s good enough. You will never see an atheist cursing a theist ‘You believe in GOD now you will be engulfed in a black hole and you’ll never come out of it’. But on the other hand atheists are always given a free pass to HELL courtesy GOD.

The difference between atheist and a theist is that one has his whole belief craved into a sculpture and other doesn’t have one such epic figure. People blame atheists to be victims of science, logic, sense, technology and reasoning. Well, they can’t be more wrong.

People also tend to confuse atheism for many other things. For them an atheist is the alpha and omega of a true non believer. The best comparison one draw is the similarity between the two concepts of Atheism and Hacking. There are times when both these community are so badly misinterpreted. Imagine the situation of an atheist hacker (eh?)

The world can’t survive without Naturalism, Irreligion, Agnosticism and Atheism. It’s important for people to respect everyone’s beliefs and disbeliefs. One neither needs to justify things which they stand for in their lives nor they have the right to ask others to justify theirs. Everything in this world can’t be goody goody there will be people who will ask questions. They might question everything.  Because you may have your answer but there are few who aren’t as lucky as you to know and be satisfied with the answer they have. You have your reasons; they have theirs and I have mine.

If people can tolerate the things which are done under the name of GOD and religion then I don’t think tolerating a bunch of harmless atheists should be a problem.

Or is it too much to ask?

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2 thoughts on “Are Atheists really atheists?

  1. Janhvi says:

    Before anything, yes it is too much to ask for…. Anything rational is too much to ask for. Even the so called believers in God (denoting goodness) are spreading so much hate… do you really wish to expect them to think rationally. This may be a strong statement, but at many-a-times, I am forced to believe that us atheists are better off than the theists. You’ve picked up an issue not many do on a public forum and I commend you for that.

    Great points raised and I do hope you are not subject to any atrocities here on this platform (I was)…………………

    • Ravi Sadrani says:

      Hey Janhvi,

      Thanks for your comment I really appreciate it 🙂
      Yeah such topics aren’t the textbook blogger’s post but I’ve always been vocal about Irreligion and Atheism. And i’m up for arguments of course if they make sense and are not driven by any predefined notion. But at the end of the day you believe what you think is right and everyone can’t believe the same thing and everyone can’t be equally rational. Btw You have a great blog. Cheers !!!

      – Ravi

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