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The Dark Knight Rises…Well Almost

Ever since I (or should I say we) saw the teaser of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ everyone was just waiting for the EPIC conclusion. There was a lot of hype around this movie expectedly so. Batman is something more than a superhero for a lot of people and stands out when you talk about Iron Man, Spider Man etc. Anybody who knows a little about movies knows the mould of Chris Nolan and no one expect anything less. I was in a new city and it was my first weekend in Bangalore and I couldn’t get a better chance of starting my 1st weekend in the IT Capital than watching The Dark Knight Rises.

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A City Called Bangalore

I wasn’t sure whether I should use the word ‘Bangalore’ or ‘Bengaluru’ in the title of this post; but I didn’t hear the later word ever since I came to this city so I settled for the former. This was the first strange thing I observed which was totally different from my hometown. Calling ‘Mumbai’ Bombay would definitely piss a lot of people off.  The IT capital was calling and a 21 year old Mumbai born and bred, fresh pass out engineer was all set to make the transition. A 24 hour long train journey definitely sounded like a boring choice when you compare it with a 100 odd minute flight trip, but it went surprisingly fast. A message from a new mobile service provider made me realized that I was in Karnataka and from 6am I was at the door admiring the beauty. It was pretty dramatic. You could picture an old man with 2 flags (Green and Red) waving at a diesel engine powered train running on a single track come and go route. I remember waving at everyone I possibly saw from the train and got a wave back all the time. I was impressed straight away. But outskirts can be deceiving so I wanted to go in the city and not into premature conclusions.

FYI: That’s Not Me
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Maiden is my Religion

It was way back in 2005, I borrowed a MP3 Music CD from a friend of mine. It had good 100 or so songs in it, but there was one which stood out. Back then, I was completely ignorant about music and didn’t have a clue about Heavy Metal or any genre for that matter. For me I was just listening to some random English song which was titled ‘Fear of the dark – Iron Maiden’. Now when I look back it makes me think that if it hadn’t been for that song I would probably be a totally different human being. Next song I heard was ‘Dance of the death’ and then I knew I couldn’t leave this stuff. I started collecting all the tracks that had iron maiden to it. I didn’t knew much about the songs or the lyrics or even Iron Maiden but it was something worth listening to. I use to wait for the guitar solos to come in all the time, and then there was this captivating vocalist who engulfed me all the time. As time passed by I started to know more about myself, the world around me, the people, Music and Maiden. By 2007 I was a METALHEAD.

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