A City Called Bangalore

I wasn’t sure whether I should use the word ‘Bangalore’ or ‘Bengaluru’ in the title of this post; but I didn’t hear the later word ever since I came to this city so I settled for the former. This was the first strange thing I observed which was totally different from my hometown. Calling ‘Mumbai’ Bombay would definitely piss a lot of people off.  The IT capital was calling and a 21 year old Mumbai born and bred, fresh pass out engineer was all set to make the transition. A 24 hour long train journey definitely sounded like a boring choice when you compare it with a 100 odd minute flight trip, but it went surprisingly fast. A message from a new mobile service provider made me realized that I was in Karnataka and from 6am I was at the door admiring the beauty. It was pretty dramatic. You could picture an old man with 2 flags (Green and Red) waving at a diesel engine powered train running on a single track come and go route. I remember waving at everyone I possibly saw from the train and got a wave back all the time. I was impressed straight away. But outskirts can be deceiving so I wanted to go in the city and not into premature conclusions.

FYI: That’s Not Me
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I have been in Bangalore for three days now and at every point I couldn’t help but compare it with Mumbai. Logically comparison of any proportion is unfair but I just bow down to the human tendency. The people are more generous and calm about things they do. It also depicts the way this city functions. It’s effective too. I was always interested in knowing the structure of Bangalore and how things exactly work there with ample of IT professionals coming from all over the country and of course the locals. You always hear things from people who claim to know stuff about the place you planning to go. It’s not always helpful but listening makes them feel better, so I play along.


After the people I was most impressed by the local buses. It stops when you tell them to, It waits till you get in the bus and You can catch it from anywhere on the route; I’m not sure if that’s the case but till now it surely seemed that way. There is no ring a bell system just a whistle from the conductor who is without a handy bag full of tickets or money. No If not the whistle I hear two words all the time and I’m sure they mean START and STOP. The thing about Bangalore buses and the people who travel is that they don’t rush or hustle. Time ain’t more important than life here. In Mumbai I can’t see myself missing a single train or the first bus no matter how crowded or what time it is. Here people have the luxury of not being victim of time.

The First Day

After getting a 100% success rate with waving at the people and getting one back, my hopes were pretty high. Little I knew everything was going to go out of the window soon. I was staying in the Marathahalli area of the city for the time being and my first lunch couldn’t have been worst. Despite selecting a good looking and expensive restaurant I was disappointed with everything. Even worse was our pizza dinner. Calling the nearest dominos was like calling a dead person who was choked again to death in his coffin and the pizzas’ arrival was as anxiously awaited by me as the US next president. After that came in a failed 30min delivery fail which made me argue with the manager for a good long 10 mins. And the typical English with Yumm and Yenn made it just perfect. So, yeah I was brought to ground very easily and the next day I woke up with a feeling that whatever good or normal happens to me will just be a BONUS.

The Company

The Company I came to Bangalore for is ‘Accenture’ and I will start as an ‘Associate Software Engineer (ASE)’. That’s about it. Saying anything more than this is against my company’s policy *pun intended*. This is possibly the last** time you’ll hear me saying something negative about Accenture on the Web 😛

**May Change as per the frustration level

The Road to Recovery

The food gets better and better once we start going to the right places and of course it’s more of a trial and error strategy. Me being from a different state obviously takes time to settle in with the food and water. And slowly I’m beginning to realize it’s not just about the dosas and the idlis here. Believe it or not I actually ate a damn good Vada Pav in Bangalore. The Chinese cuisine too is close to what I use to have in Mumbai. So, it can only get better from here.

The Road Ahead

I think I’ll be here for a good couple of months, the climate here is fantastic, great people and lot of greenery. I find the south Indian languages fun to imitate, learn and hopefully the locals won’t bash me up thinking I’m disrespecting their language. If they do I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming though.

Finally, a shout out to all my friends, family in Mumbai and a few special ones who never fancied their name in my blogs. Miss you guys.

ನೀವು ಚಿಂತಿಸಬೇಡಿ. ನಾನು ತಕ್ಷಣವೇ ಮತ್ತೆ ಎಂದು ಮಾಡುತ್ತೇವೆ.

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9 thoughts on “A City Called Bangalore

  1. devikaamin says:

    fab writin ASE

  2. I’m a Bangalorean currently staying in Mumbai and I have to agree with (almost) all the points you have made, especially the one about the buses. Food, though I have to disagree. Bangalore is THE best place for foodies. And may I ask a cheeky question- Aren’t the masala dosas in Bengaluru way better than the ones in Mumbai? 😉

    • Ravi Sadrani says:

      I could be wrong about the food i can blame my restaurant choices for that. But yes it improving as days pass by or maybe i started making the right choices. Oh the Masala Dosas of Mumbai are better than the Bengaluru ones. The Dosas image of Bangalore is a overrated 😛

  3. And the bit about whether it should be called Bangalore or Bengaluru reflects our nature precisely I think. As a whole us Bangaloreans/Bengalureans don’t really get worked up about minor things.. Lol 🙂

  4. Ruchita says:

    Have you ever encountered with traffic Jam of banaglore!!

    Banglore is an awesome place to stay

  5. That was an engrossing introduction to your adventures in the Bang!Lore city.

  6. Dk says:

    Dear, i am impress the way of your expression, feeling and experience, it was your first trip of life’s 2nd stage after completing graduation and start of work., Many more trips and experiences coming in journey of your life keep enjoying every moment God bless you.,

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