The Dark Knight Rises…Well Almost

Ever since I (or should I say we) saw the teaser of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ everyone was just waiting for the EPIC conclusion. There was a lot of hype around this movie expectedly so. Batman is something more than a superhero for a lot of people and stands out when you talk about Iron Man, Spider Man etc. Anybody who knows a little about movies knows the mould of Chris Nolan and no one expect anything less. I was in a new city and it was my first weekend in Bangalore and I couldn’t get a better chance of starting my 1st weekend in the IT Capital than watching The Dark Knight Rises.

The multiplex I went to was a disappointment but given a choice I would have watched this movie standing too. As the movie certificate flashed on the screen the whistles and the applause started. It was a very tribal thing, I got a feeling that I came for a Rajnikant or a Chiranjeevi Movie. I was all set and the movie began. After 165 mins I felt like it’s over? Or is it? We all knew the ending, it was built up to that the LEGEND was gonna END. So we all knew it was coming, the only question was how? Before I go in my skeptical mode, I would say that the movie was grand and very satisfying considering the fact that it left a few or almost no unanswered questions. There are no obvious annoying weaknesses that usually come with films in general, especially blockbuster action movies. The CGI and VFX used in The Dark Knight Rises is state of the art as every minute detail has been meticulously taken care of. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the movie’s other aspects.

This movie was bigger than the previous two by Nolan but to me it seemed more like a Producer’s product. Nolan develops this deep emotional quotient to the movie that it helps the grand setup. There are many superficial characters that help in giving the movie its grandeur. I won’t say it was splendid acting but the new characters were unique and had an element of mystery and their own story. Alfred as the moral compass was fantastic. Bane? I found the character a bit dicey. His reputation was built very fast and his superiority over Batman in terms of strength was displayed rather fantastically. There was pin drop silence in the hall when Bane broke Batman’s back. Bane was nowhere near the supervillans we are used to see in Batman movies. The Catwoman stood out for me, it was a short and a very important role and Anne did it good justice. Hardy was in a mask I couldn’t see his acting a bit. Hans Zimmer was at his usual best. The score was very raw, energetic and tribal. The ending was very typical with a chance of another batman movie so we can expect another director who will have a crack at this for sure. But yes, I don’t have my hopes high.

Movies like Avatar, TDKR etc. gives a typical Bollywood sort of climax yet the audience/critics think of the Hollywood Style Bollywood better than what we see here. I see reviews of people overwhelmed by TDKR and Avatar type movies and crib about the entertaining quotient about Bollywood or other local movies. Which I find pretty Ironic.

The Dark Knight Rises suffers from a loose plot and an excess of superficial characters. It wouldn’t be a hyperbole to say that, given Nolan’s usual standards. The Dark Knight Rises is a mere exercise in mediocrity. The Dark Knight Rises is definitely not the Batman movie that we deserve, but it surely is a movie that we would find difficult to resist.  The Dark Knight Rises is a must for those viewers whose primary purpose is entertainment, but those who want to give their minds a rigorous exercise should try out some of Nolan’s other works like The Prestige (2006), Inception (2010) or Memento (2000).

But as a Batman fan, The dark Knight Rises was an epic and an sincere attempt to conclude the trilogy 🙂

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