Wrong Timing? Not Really


You always hear the older guys around saying that ‘During our time it was so different’. And I always use to say ‘Yeah Right’. However it’s the basic human tendency to compare things and look back. You began to wonder if this is an integral part of human evolution. I, on a personal level have been a part of lot of debates and arguments about the Born in the 70s/80s/90s and even wrote a few blogs on Generation Gap and how things differ as decades pass by (that indeed fired a lot of old guys up). However if you think a little there is a strange relevance to each generation and it’s even more fascinating when you realize you are a part of two and not one decade.

I was born in the 90s (1991); I was lucky not be left out in between or in the dead end of decades (Imagine Born in 1999 technically you are 90s born but you don’t know shit about that decade). It was a crazy decade and I remember most of it, but as years passed by I was more attracted to the decades behind me. As my brain cells kept on increasing my inclination towards the 60s 70s 80s increased. I developed the impression that it was all better and the old school stuff was more expressive and effective; having said that I was also hooked to the things which 90s gave me. I sounded like a textbook hypocrite, didn’t I?

As you experience stuff in life you think you know it all, and if the experience is bad that thought just grows like a parasite in your head. You are surrounded by people born in different generations and the things around you are viewed and compared differently. As I hit my teenage I was hooked to Metal music and the older generation didn’t quite take it well. You can blame the cultural and physcosocial tendencies of the country I live in. I had a similar addiction with Football, it was strange for me in many accounts because I had the feeling that best of all the things I like were behind me. It belonged to the 70s and the 80s.

90s 00s was the electronic age and the teenagers in that time were hooked to stuff which was too flashy for the not so young people. My so called choices or should I say preferences do make a few heads turn. But from a last few years I tend to see kids just a few years apart from me with/doing stuff I find hard to digest. It’s crazy to see the difference, imagine yourself when you were 14 and see a 14 year old now; you will know what I am talking about.

I like Iron Maiden over Metallica, George Best over Cristiano Ronaldo, The Godfather over Fight Club, Martin Scorsese over Christopher Nolan, this just shows that my inclination is rather towards the older stuff. However I also feel proud about the generation I was born in. I have indeed missed a lot of things which happened before I was born but I am in a position to gain knowledge about all what happened, see all what happened thanks to the technology which is a gift of my generation. I witnessed a club like Manchester United in its prime years, Watched Iron Maiden in my hometown, witnessed the greatness of many players, had brushes with the technology which is helping the mankind go forward and also to cherish its rich history.

We all are the images of our previous generations but with a mark of the present generation as well. Next time when you see a not so young person saying, ‘It was way good in our time’ take it for granted that he’s is right because after a few years you will be saying the same thing to the young people around you.

– R

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2 thoughts on “Wrong Timing? Not Really

  1. Jack Burnett says:

    You’re an intelligent guy. In 20 years more, you’ll be more intelligent, and in 20 more, even more. I find it amusing that young people (born in the 80 and 90s) are oblivious to the nature of life and in understanding “how it goes”, yet feel that knowing older people or learning from books prepares them for the realization of what life “is”..and how it goes. I’m a little upset that, in your article, you didn’t even include a radio button for people born in the 50s to participate.

    • Ravi Sadrani says:

      Hello Jack,

      Thanks for the comment, you have seen life and witnessed generations come and go so its good to hear from you. I do accept the fact that people born in the 80s 90s might not fully know the true understanding of life, i think it comes with years but being aware about the same only help you prepare for that.

      To be honest, I never thought I will have someone from the 50s reading my blogpost. I tried to make up for it, hope to see you stand for the generation which had Beatles on when they were in their teens 🙂

      Cheers !!!

      – R

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