Ravi Sadrani

Hi! I’m Ravi Sadrani. (20, Born and Bred in Mumbai, Electronics Engineer, Freelance Web/UI Designer, Encoder,  IQ score – 129, Download Junkie, Football freak, Movie buff and creator of this blog)

I don’t know what made you come to this section, an accidental click I guess….any reason other than that is music to my ears.

I frequently find myself to be curious and skeptic, albeit I’m frustrated at that. Mostly, I find that I am a nut.

I think the things i do affect the world in some way or the other…
I’m aware about its absurdity but that’s a nice little way to go about it.

“I speak my mind; I don’t mind what I speak”

 I like to write about Football, Cosmology, Astrophysics, Electronics, Technology, Web and things that catches my attention.

In case you want to know more about me this is where you should go…..http://ravisadrani.99k.org
In case you still want to know more me, I can mail you my Psychological Evaluation Report.


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