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Media – The Greatest Threat to our Democracy

Indian Media All set to Cover...Well Something

As promised in my last blog post here I am giving my take on the Indian media. I always believed that power of words can cause more damage than violence, no wonder I blog. Words attack the best part of a human being – the mind. One should always realize what their words are capable of, maybe the Indian media is aware about this but it has misinterpreted the power they have and used it for their own cause which is best known to them and them only. I was always hesitant to write about the media just because of the fact that I am ashamed to the core, and lightning up the real picture just makes me feel miserable as person holding an Indian passport.

News was meant to be for information, for awareness, for citizens to know what their country is upto and all what’s happening all around the world. Now, it’s how you present that information. It’s a constant quest for the news channels to attract viewers so they can have job security. This is where the emotional melodrama and high decibel reporting comes into the picture. The anchors that previously just sat and read what came up in the teleprompter have now turned into some over expressive patriots’ and wannabe media activists. The thought of imagining Indian media in front of the world is scarring and I don’t have the courage or the strength to even go there.

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