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It’s Not Just A Game

What is a game?
Is it a competition involving a set of rules? or Is it a form of expression?

An individual be it any kind of person needs something to hang onto. Something which challenges him every time and shows him that there is always something bigger than him. This is where a GAME begins…..
Many say LIFE is a game, well you can’t have anything more challenging than that. Can You?

When I think of a GAME or a SPORT there are a lot things that comes to my mind. It is a great form of expression. Be it a team sport or an individual sport there is always a room for a player’s personality to surface and his way expressing through the game can give the world a glimpse his/her true nature as a human being.

Why SPORTS were invented or created for the matter of fact? The answer is simple ENTERTAINMENT but as time passed people started to relate themselves with the sport they love and it was the same for the players who played the game. It slowly started to become personal and now we have reached a position where its not a matter of life and death, It’s even more than that.

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Smile for the world

“My Unique quality is that I smile and laugh all the time”

This statement made me turn my head to see who this girl is. Initially I found this to be ‘lame’. But as a couple of days passed by I realized that there was a lot more into it and her quality was indeed unique……

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Let the beast be inside

Everyone has a dark side for some that side might be bad or evil but for some it’s the best thing they have. I on a personal level went through a lot of changes in my teen years and finally when I look back standing here at the age of 20 I feel something is missing……

Is it for good? There is no straight answer for that but there is one thing I realized that you can’t be on two sides at the same time, one has to be suppressed. If I look myself back in 2007 and now here in 2012 i couldn’t help wondering “Was That Really Me?”

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My Quest – Our Search for Life

Every one of us has atleast for once wondered that Are We Alone? Or Is There Someone Watching us? Thanks to a couple of Sci-fi movies I wasted a lot of my time thinking about aliens and ET when I look at it now calling it wastage of time would be a bit harsh. Looking for ET life is now trending and I must say there is lot of money and technology which is being allocated to this search. I would like to point a project which is huge and pretty famous – SETI (The search for extraterrestrial intelligence)

If you ask me, do you think life exists elsewhere?? I would strongly say YES.  Even if I think of life and earth as a 1 in a million or even 1 in a billion possibility there is a strong chance of we not being alone. There are more stars in the universe than all the grains of sand on every beach on Earth, and countless planets orbit those stars. So it would be arrogant to think that we are the only creatures in the cosmos. I think it’s easy to imagine life on other worlds, and I’m not alone.

The basic way to look at things is to compare the life of earth. Life on Earth can survive in extreme environments, but can life survive on other worlds? It’s a mystery set in space… And that makes it tough to investigate because the human race has barely left Earth. Searching for clues is incredibly difficult. But we are lucky……

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My Quest: The Big Bang Theory

How did it all began?? Well it isn’t the easiest question to answer but I think we humans have a pretty good idea about it. Whenever you try to find the origin of something we have no option but to go backwards. But when that something is our Universe we need to backward a lot and when I say ‘a lot’ I mean billions of years. So inorder to find an answer we need to go backwards and fast, inorder to do that we rely on the fastest travelling thing we know ‘LIGHT’

We all have heard about the BIG BANG, the point where everything began but how do we really know that’s the way it was?? After all nobody was around that time to see that happen.
What makes the Big Bang Singularity Theory so widely accepted??
Simple, because it makes sense and it is modeled as per every law of physics we know.
I must say I was pretty convinced too (I still am but…..).

History Of The Universe

Click To View Full Size Image | Image Courtesy: NASA/GMAT Science Team

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