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Are Atheists really atheists?

I never believed in GOD or any supernatural being and have always been vocal about it. My belief of not believing in GOD has caused many awkward and isolated moments for me most of them being social. I have been on the receiving end of a lot of stuff which came out of people’s religious belief; I was even attacked once by a bunch of lunatics who couldn’t tolerate my very existence. Right from my family to my neighborhood I was always supposed to be a believer. Unfortunately for the people around me that didn’t happen. To make things worse as I started to grow some gray matter I got into Death/Black metal which created an illusion in the minds of my family that I have been captured by daemons or something. (Not literally just emphasizing). The long hair, the piercings etc. etc. were the classic signs for an Indian society to be convinced with the notion that ‘This Kid has lost it’.

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My Quest – The Slope of Information

Last night I came across some research work by Laurence Doyle related to the ‘information theory’ and I was actually impressed (by a SETI scientist for a change). We all are aware about the human efforts to communicate with the so called ‘aliens’. For more than 50 years we have been monitoring the universe chatter which includes the electromagnetic waves to detect or should I say overhear the communication which goes around the universe. Well, the implication of that being the existence of another civilization but let’s not get into the Hollywood stuff.

So, all we humans can hear is static not even some alien gibberish. There could be many reasons for that static. Firstly monitoring a single frequency might the silliest thing to do considering the fact the information is more efficient conveyed through broadband i.e. range of frequencies.  And if you are planning to send some information across galaxies and millions of light years definitely you won’t use a single frequency unless, you are as optimist as a human being from planet called ‘earth’.

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